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a new professional only skincare range created by the skin care experts at Hive of Beauty

Our range includes a selection of skin rejuvenating sheet masks, anti-ageing serums and nourishing body care for the hands and feet.

These treatments have taken inspiration from over 12 years of experience in the skincare industry to create new, enhanced formulas to transform the skin. 

certified vegan

We’ve created the range with sustainability in mind, using 100% plant origin ingredients. We’ve used the power of nature to find our ingredients from plant based sources, for example our hyaluronic acid is derived from soybean, while our retinol comes from sea kelp and our squalane from olives! These effective formulas have a maximised impact on the skin and a minimal impact on the planet.

With sustainability at the forefront, the eco face sheet masks are plastic free and made from biodegradable, compostable bamboo. The serums come with recyclable glass bottles & pumps, in FSC approved cardboard boxes printed with vegetable ink.

exclusively created for you

With the beauty & hair industry facing difficult times during the pandemic, we want to show our support to our professionals with this trade exclusive range to help support our industry get back to business. The range is exclusively available to hair and beauty salons and spas, both on the high street and remote/mobile businesses.

As well as being a retail ready range to sell to your clients, these formulas have been created to compliment your in house treatments. They’re bound to be a firm favourite with your customers.

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